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The Product Spotlight

Intelligence that Drives Automation



Our very first spotlight is on a product created by one of the world’s largest technology companies, International Business Machines Corporation, or as it is famously called IBM.

AI technologies are being deployed across sectors and this article focuses on the operations segment. The solution in focus this week is IBM’s Maximo Visual Inspection - which allows reliability and quality teams to use standard edge and mobile devices for automating defect inspections in production outputs. It also supports the remote monitoring of assets for potential disruptions.

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection provides robust end-to-end workflow support for deep learning models related to computer vision. This enterprise-grade software provides a complete ecosystem to label raw data sets for training, creating, and deploying deep learning-based models. It is designed to give subject matter experts (not skilled in deep learning technologies) the ability to train models for AI applications. It can help train highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos.



In the words of IBM, the Maximo Visual Inspection is “Intelligence that drives automation of existing manual processes”



How can it help?

  • Safety - Embedded computer vision applications can raise a red flag to workers while entering hazardous environments or scan a construction area to alert supervisors to act

  • Surveillance - Taking an example of a power company, inspection jobs are being transformed by deploying drones with cameras to capture inspection data. Utilizing AI in such Industries helps decrease time, increase the frequency and reduce risk to workers

  • Quality - Deep learning models deployed on factory floors ensure little decision latency during production. The systems in place can learn continuously by taking feedback from manual inspectors, hence improving the reliability in real-time


As the name suggests, the Maximo Visual Inspection adds those intelligent “eyes” to business operations and provides much-needed support in monitoring assets & the outputs of production. In manufacturing and Industrial production, Artificial Intelligence will have a wide-ranging influence to help maintain accuracy, reliability, safety, and quality. This intelligent oversight can look for errors 24/7 in the operations or output of an asset.

In the words of IBM, the Maximo Visual Inspection is “Intelligence that drives automation of existing manual processes”, Read more about this solution here


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