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What is Trending in AI?

The New Year Edition



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing the future of virtually every industry and will impact the world population. AI has been set up as the primary driver of growing technologies, for example, robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). As we’ve stepped into 2021, we predict that the influence of Artificial Intelligence will increase and keep on going about as a principal technological pioneer for years to come.

Our mission at ‘Conversations on AI’ is to talk about everything related to AI. Each week, we identify trending AI innovations or topics and share them with you to keep you abreast with the latest in AI. Through this round-up of last week, we bring the focus on how AI will look in 2021



Artificial Intelligence accelerated by light by Nature.com


Huaqiang Wu and Qionghai Dai explain how the increasing volume of data in modern society poses great challenges for the electronic computing hardware used in AI, in terms of both computing speed and power consumption. The conventional electronic computing methods available today are reaching the tipping point in terms of performance. The emergence of integrated photonics as a potential successor to current hardware being used in AI can overcome these challenges to achieve unprecedented performance for future AI computing requirements in the Industry

This Avocado Armchair could be the Future of AI in Image recognition by MIT Technology Review

Will Douglas Heaven explains in this article that the implementation of AI and GPT-3 is not limited to conversations. He elaborates how OpenAI(tag) has built two new models, called DALL·E and CLIP. CLIP analyses images and their captions to recognize images instead of having to bank upon an image database. DALL-E on the other hand draws the images.
Both these concepts are a step ahead in making AI smarter Image processing. If AI in image processing interests you, this is an article not to miss!



Satya Nadella, CEO of, Microsoft states that “Technology Is Key To Explore New Frontiers Of Economic Recovery” which can be interpreted  to state that AI brings us the opportunity to help fulfill humanity's greatest needs



AI & Vertical Farming: Panacea for Global Food Production by Analytics Insights


Next up is an article by Preetipadma on how AI can help feed the 10 Billion humans by 2050. This article explains how AI and robotics can help improve the quality of growth of goods and tackle the shortage of land that an ever-growing population will face. Farmers are slowly switching to vertical farming to address arable land and global hunger issues. Vertical farming is growing crops indoors, stacked layer after layer, using UV lights in a climate-controlled building. This article covers start-ups and innovative techniques that are determined to help these Farmers by using AI-powered technology to have a higher yield and healthier crops in addition to controlling pests, monitoring soil, temperature conditions, and more.



AI: What is in store for 2021? by Forbes


Since it is 2021, we thought of talking about what AI has in store for us this year? The article below gives you the answer. 


Forbes compiled an insightful article of thoughts of over 25 Industry leaders about what the year 2021 will hold for AI-powered technology including the following points:


  • 86% of businesses will be reaping the benefits of the better customer experience through AI

  • The focus will remain on applying AI to automating and augmenting core business processes


In the end, what we would like to state is that the Implementation of deep domain knowledge has no bounds. And Artificial Intelligence is here to help us for good! While there are many AI expert who have different predictions for impact AI will drive in 2021 and ahead, but we’ll like to highlight thoughts from the genius Satya Nadella, CEO of, Microsoft where he states that “Technology Is Key To Explore New Frontiers Of Economic Recovery” and to interpret this from our side, we’d like to say that AI brings us the opportunity to help fulfill humanity's greatest needs, such as improved healthcare, agriculture practices, education, smart networking and more to safeguard and improve quality of lives.



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