GPT-3: All You Need to Know about the Next Wave in AI

The Launch event for 'Conversations on AI', Haptik's new knowledge-sharing initiative

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Having spent over a decade in the AI industry, our customers and partners would often reach out to discuss the practical applications of AI. With the motive of helping brands demystify the various facets of AI, Haptik is proud to present ‘Conversations on AI’ - a forum for the world’s leading minds to help demystify AI for businesses.


We are excited to launch this intellectual content property with a featured discussion on one of the most talked-about tools in the AI space today - GPT-3.


With 175 billion learning parameters and 1 trillion words, it is easy to get blown away by the numbers behind GPT-3. To assess the impact this would have on businesses, we are organizing an interactive hands-on session.


In this webinar, you will witness:

- Actionable insights on how GPT-3 is remolding AI with the highest level of human-like intelligence

- Real-time applications of GPT-3 for various business functions

- Live demos


We conclude with a Q&A session where Rick and Swapan will answer all your burning GPT-3 questions.


We're set to go live on Thursday, August 13, at 8 am PT/11 am ET/ 8:30 pm IST.


Rick Watson

CEO & Founder, RMW Commerce Consulting, LLC

Swapan-Photo 2

Swapan Rajdev

Co-Founder & CTO, Haptik