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GPT-3: All You Need to Know about the Next Wave in AI


175 billion learning parameters trained on a corpus of text from the web, which includes about 1 trillion words. These are the staggering numbers behind the release of the new AI language model, Generative Pre-trained Transformer - 3 or as we now call it, GPT-3.

"GPT-3 is amazing"
- Forbes

"This latest breakthrough is astonishingly powerful"
- The Verge

"GPT-3 is shockingly good"
- MIT Technology Review

There are just the initial reactions of some industry experts on how GPT-3 as its name suggests, has turned out to be a real transformer in the AI space. Some of the use cases for GPT-3 include writing creative fiction, generating functioning code, composing thoughtful business memos, and much more.


This on-demand webinar takes you through such use cases and a lot more in the presence of Industry-leading experts.


Some of the topics covered during the discussion include:

  • Actionable Insights of how GPT-3 is remolding AI with the highest level of human-like intelligence
  • Real-time application of GPT-3 for various business functions
  • Successful demos of the largest language model ever created
  • Ethics behind using AI