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The Weekly AI Trends: From Virtual to Extended Reality


AI is referred to as the simulation of human intelligence in machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the term was coined more than 6 decades ago has spread its wings across Industries and verticals. Along with AI, our article today focuses on reality. There are different versions of reality from augmented to mixed reality. From exciting innovations to smart homes, we have it all covered in the trends for this week.

At ‘Conversations on AI’, we continue to discuss and talk about everything related to Artificial Intelligence. Each week, we identify trending AI innovations or topics and share them with you to keep you abreast with the latest in AI.



These Haptic Gloves Could Change Virtual Reality Training Forever by Forbes


Haptic gloves that use a stretchable, easy-to-put-on material that enables smooth hand tracking. This in turn allows users to more easily feel shapes, textures, stiffness, impact, and resistance in Virtual Reality (VR). Sounds unreal?

A Dutch startup, SenseGlove showcased this innovation at Consumer Electronics Show, 2021. These new gloves called the ‘SenseGlove Nova’, were designed explicitly for professional virtual reality (VR) training purposes. They enable smooth hand tracking and set the future of VR training with updated force-feedback gloves. This makes us want to get a pair soon...

How Artificial Intelligence is enabling Smart Homes  by Analytics Insight

From smart speakers to a smart kitchen, your home is getting smarter by the day with the help of AI. Digital voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google are being called out more than our respective partners while the lure of robotic kitchens is making all of us think of a life that will feature never having to step foot inside the kitchen.

This article from Andrew Weinreich’s podcast ‘Predicting our Future’, focuses on smart homes that can ensure energy-efficient, comfortable, easier living. In 2021, how smart will your home be?



Emerging tech like AI, robotics, IoT, blockchain, and machine learning are kicking our organizations into high gear by catapulting our ability to process data, build products, and automate repetitive tasks



How startups are using XR to disrupt how we work, learn, and play  by TNW


Extended Reality (XR) is an emerging umbrella term for all immersive technologies. The ones we already have today—augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) plus those that are still to be created. Check out a round-up by Andrea Hak of startups in Education, mental health, customer personalization, gaming, and more which are disrupting XR



In the End..

Intelligence is present in all creatures that inhabit this planet. The ability to replicate this intelligence is another feat of ingenious ability. AI is here and now, it is a technology that will dominate the present and future conversations. With so much potential to help businesses and consumers everywhere, AI can change the game, if handled responsibly.



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