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AI Trends - The Mutation of Education



AI in Education

When we talk about mutation, the famous Marvel characters X-Men come to mind. In a non-fiction world, we have seen education mutate like no other vertical. Part of this is down to Covid-19 accelerating the push towards online/digital learning at a much faster pace than one could have imagined. Technology has come to the fore like never before while millions of students along with their across the world have had to adapt to this seismic shift. Artificial Intelligence has played a primary role in aiding this change & we decided to take a closer look.

For this week at ‘Conversations on AI’, we talk about education & how AI is assisting this domain like never before.



Artificial Intelligence and Education In A New Direction by Business World


Artificial Intelligence is being used in education in many ways. For one thing, computer programs can help the student, much like a private tutor, so that the student learns according to his individual needs and gets individual attention. It can help the student to know where the effort has to be made and also helps the teacher to know the individual capacity of the student. The teacher can also monitor the student’s performance and know where the weakness lies. In other words, it can be used to help students in the learning process. Experts say that AI can also help teachers in grading students.

So, the next time your kid receives an A, you have AI to thank as well!

This AI reads children's emotions as they learn by CNN Business

An AI-powered learning platform, 4 Little Trees created by Hong Kong-based startup Find Solution AI monitors students' emotions as they study at home.
Students work on tests and homework on the platform as part of the school curriculum. While students study, the AI measures muscle points on their faces via the camera on their computer or tablet and identifies emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, and fear.

Now your face’s motions can detect the underlying emotions. Quite an invention, won’t you say?



The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you – B. B. King



Role of Artificial Intelligence in Online Education by AiThority


What exact role does AI play in education?


✅ Shifting the teaching methodology from linear curriculum to project/skill-oriented learning
✅ The cloud feature of AI in virtual learning has the provision of revisiting the lectures and the study material
✅ Virtual classrooms have the perk of collective intelligence; students can share whatever they find relevant & exciting to a particular concept taught in the class

The virtual classroom can definitely become a model for future classroom learning.


Learning with — and about — AI technology by MIT News


Between remote learning, more time spent at home, and working parents trying to keep their kids occupied, children across the United States have clocked in record-breaking hours of screen time during the pandemic
Head of the Personal Robots Group and AI Education at MIT, Media Lab Professor Cynthia Breazeal is looking to help this generation of young people to grow up understanding the AI they use through an initiative called ‘AI Literacy for All’

With a focus on educating the younger ones about responsible AI, this is one initiative to look out for!




In the end....

Education and Intelligence are what will benefit our planet in the long run. AI is the glue that is holding this together and helping our future generation overcome obstacles that would otherwise have required the real X-Men to overcome!



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