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AI Trends - Gaming Undergoes an AI Evolution



Technology continues to evolve. Innovation in technology has led to innovative and impressive advances in the gaming industry. In the past 20 years, there have been revolutionary changes & the tradition continues. If we take some time to consider the video games available now, it might help us see how things have changed from just a decade ago.

The gaming industry employs and reaches out to millions & technology is just ramping up the level. From video games to casino games, this week’s blog provides a detailed insight into AI’s reach in the industry.




The Future Of AI In Gaming by Techstory


Video games use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate human skills such as speech, movement, and speech recognition. Today, this opens up the possibility that the digital distribution ecosystem will also change. The spirit of AI is harnessing artificial intelligence technology to make digital interactions more human.
Professional games already have a number of advanced AI systems that have proven successful, and while there are advanced neural networks that learn from the feedback they receive from being in an environment, the opportunities virtual environments offer for advancement in the A.I.gaming industry are endless.

The next decade will witness a substantial change in how we play online games!



How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Way Video Games Are Developed and Played by Vulcan Post

With the astronomical rise in the number of players in online gaming and gambling, the gaming industry and game developers are taking AI to the next level with more lucrative ways of using AI in games.

✅Smarter Games - New techniques like reinforcement learning and pattern recognition will make a huge impact on the way games will be developed in the future

✅Better Mobile Gaming Experience - Game developers are making more mobile-friendly games and are finding better and smart ways to incorporate AI in these game

✅The Experience - Artificial Intelligence does not let you feel that you are merely playing an online game. It welcomes you into a world that understands you and interacts with you


This decade will witness a substantial change in how we play online games! 




Games have so much freedom. you can go anywhere you want – Jeneva Chen



This Sony patent could one day see AI play your PS5 games for you  by Techradar


The patent application outlines a way that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could study a person’s play style and then assist or take over their gaming sessions as required.

According to the patent, a default play profile could be assigned to a user and initially, the AI would simulate generic human behavior. Over time, however, by “monitoring a plurality of gameplays of the user playing a plurality of gaming applications”, the AI could customize the user's profile and start to behave more like the specific player it's been studying.

AI really takes over the wheel!

Impact of artificial intelligence in casino gaming by Analytics Insight


The single biggest use of Artificial Intelligence is to provide a database of players, what their preferred method of gambling is, the amount of money they spend on various games as well as how much time they spend in casino gambling.

Naysayers will say that is impossible to do but remember, there are eyes in the sky everywhere at physical casinos. By using artificial intelligence to survey casino security footage, plus information used on casino player cards, casinos have more information than ever before.

Next time a casino comes calling, AI might help you roll the dice!



In the end...

There are more than a few ways that AI is working to transform the gaming industry. As time continues to pass and technology evolves, these features will get better and provide better experiences. So, game on then!


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