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AI Trends - Jumping on the Crypto Bandwagon


AI Trends - Crypto

The mystery behind cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is slowly unraveling. With the hype around bitcoin and dogecoin in recent weeks, we decided to focus on cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. Crypto and AI can create quite a lethal cocktail despite there being several limitations to the widespread use of the technologies of AI. In particular, the lack of information, because the cryptocurrency market is relatively new compared to the traditional stock market, and the knowledge of AI is often limited by the amount of information that humanity has.

Our weekly blog gives you more on the role of AI in cryptocurrency trading, its future, and more.



AI-Powered Platform Tickeron Simplifies Cryptocurrency Trading With New Features by AIThority


Tickeron, an artificial and human intelligence platform introduced its new AI Robots tool for cryptocurrency trading. AI Robots work by scanning the crypto market every minute to find the best possible cryptocurrency trading opportunities based on real-time patterns, trend prediction engine results, and other advanced AI-produced data. The robots will then make the trade without any human involvement or decision-making necessary.

If you are looking to invest in the crypto boom, this tool is a ready-made guide!




2 Cryptocurrencies Working On Artificial Intelligence Applications by Benzinga

With AI poised to impact everything from asset transactions to healthcare and estimating natural disasters, Benzinga focused on two cryptocurrencies that are working on developing AI-based solutions:

✅ Fetch.ai seeks to improve efficiencies by integrating blockchain, data sharing, and AI technologies. By enhancing and further optimizing solutions to help solve common, everyday problems.

✅ DxChain seeks to combine big data and machine learning in order to store, trade, and compute big data within a decentralized application. Using the DxChain platform as a “data market,” organizations can essentially transfer data back and forth and have the ability to create custom applications for a variety of uses

With AI and ML growing at breakneck speeds, cryptocurrencies can utilize this to their eventual gain!




Bitcoin is a technological tour de force -> Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft, investor, and philanthropist.



This Entrepreneur Developed a Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence to Help People  by Entrepreneur


Ivan Caballero is a Catalan technological serial entrepreneur who created Social Coin, a virtual currency in which, by helping someone, the person receiving this support had the commitment to help someone else, generating a chain of favors. Citibeats by Ivan Caballero, a project to detect through social data the real-time needs of citizens to be able to make informed decisions using intelligent artificial ethics.

In the cryptic world of crypto, AI can be an integral boon!

Artificial Intelligence: Bitcoin’s Greatest Threat? by Finextra


In September 2020, security developers working closely with Bitcoin made an uncomfortable and public revelation. A couple of years prior in 2018, a bug within Bitcoin’s blockchain was found. If discovered by naughty evil-doers, the line of code could have brought the world’s most famous crypto-currency crashing down.
Known as the Inflation Bug, it would have allowed an attacker the capability to overload one or several of Bitcoin’s blockchain nodes with a surge of fictitious transactions.

Threat or a blessing, the future will decide!



In the end...

According to the research being conducted about the future of AI, the market is estimated to grow to a whopping $190 billion worth of industry by 2025. Considering how much the market is expected to grow, the convergence of Blockchain and AI is inevitable.
There might soon come a time when artificial intelligence will be running on top of cryptocurrency systems.



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