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AI Trends - Automation and AI


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AI and automation are transforming how businesses communicate with their consumers, and execute their internal processes, reinventing themselves in the way they operate. The way we work has also changed significantly and permanently. According to Forrester's Predictions, 2021: "Advances in AI, changes to work patterns, and a fierce global recession have made this drive for automation inevitable — and irreversible."

For business leaders undertaking automation and AI initiatives, our brand new blog gives you more insight on the need to invest in this journey across verticals & the advantages of AI and automation.



Three crucial alignments to enable success in Automation and AI initiatives by Forbes


Work in the future will be different, requiring new skills and far greater workforce adaptability than we have seen. Leaders in organizations should create a vision for what an "augmented workforce" looks like — and evolve it as employees' capabilities advance.

As mentioned by Stephen Chen, Senior Vice President, Technology & Security, for NuCompass Mobility, the three crucial alignments like organization preparation, employee mindset & opportunity identification are key factors for success.




Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation Transforming the Film Industry by Automation.com

AI not only automates minute-by-minute or day-to-day operations but also assists media content organizations in making strategic business decisions. AI is auto-generating multilingual content, expanding the reach and market opportunities for entertainment content manufacturers. Subtitle generation via AI also immediately makes content accessible (and available to download) for a global market.

Through automation and AI advancements in manufacturing, the entertainment industry has found ways to streamline processes!



Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency – Bill Gates



Employees may need to keep up ‘the pretense of working’ as automation spreads, says A.I. expert Kai-Fu Lee by Fortune


As businesses begin to automate low-level service work, companies may start creating fake tasks to test employee suitability for senior positions, says Kai-Fu Lee, the CEO of Sinovation Ventures and former president of Google China.

This was one of several predictions Lee made about the possible social effects of widespread adoption of A.I. systems. Some were drawn from his upcoming book, AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future—a collection of 10 short stories

Predictions like these give fuel to fire that the ‘Black Mirror’ episodes might come to life sooner than we anticipated!

Automation, artificial intelligence touted as helping, not replacing, lawyers by The Indiana Lawyer


What you’re seeing is AI augmenting human intelligence, assisting in lifting that administrative burden, and it really is just helping legal departments become more efficient so that they can redeploy their talents into what they were actually trained as lawyers to do.

Attorneys are embracing technology to be more efficient and responsive to client needs. The people in suits are combining both artificial & human intelligence to deliver!



In the end...

The new Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts global spending on AI systems will jump from $85.3 billion in 2021 to more than $204 billion in 2025. With remote work, support of remote business, recessionary pressures, new digital muscles for employees and customers, and pandemic constraints, we can safely say that Automation and Artificial Intelligence are business imperative.


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