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What is Trending? We picked out the top AI trends this month


Artificial intelligence is an emerging technology that is shaping the world differently. If you are an AI enthusiast, one thing is for sure: you get amazed every day by the breakthroughs being made in the industry and how it is going to affect the human race.


Today we wanted to share a treasure trove of information by sharing our favorite trending articles in AI for the month. 


A radical new technique lets AI learn with practically no data by Karen Hao 


This article talks about Less than One-shot also known as LO shot learning AI model that accurately recognizes more objects than the number of examples a machine is trained on during a typical machine learning process. This makes the ML process simplified and inexpensive, benefiting industries that experience limitations in research because of the field's data requirements. Karen has also explained the origin of this revolutionary technique from the MNIST dataset which has 60,000 training images of handwritten digits from 0 to 9. With the multiple small and big discoveries done, now humans are trying to bring the number down to 5 images only!


Our opinion: As with any other discovery in the field of AI, there are a lot of uncertainties involved. However, the ability to do more with less is mind-boggling, if the efficiency of this algorithm can be proved in real-life use-cases then it will make machine learning accessible to a lot more businesses. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI): 9 things IT pros wish the CIO knew by Stephanie Overby 


In this article, Stephanie sheds some light on the vastness of Artificial Intelligence and how critical it is for IT professionals to understand its real impact on businesses instead of believing what vendor-driven marketing paints. She also asserts the importance of data and infrastructure in order to make any Artificial Intelligence project successful. 


Our opinion: If you are an IT Leader and evaluating the impact and ROI that any new AI technology can create for your business, this blog is a must-read. Stephanie has explicitly broken down several AI-related myths in just a few words. In 2020, every business is gunning to adopt Digital Transformation strategies in which AI projects can either make or break your next year’s roadmap 


Is Artificial Intelligence Closer to Common Sense? by Michael Stiefel 


Commonsense Transformers or COMET is an upcoming project that combines the approaches of symbolic reasoning with the neural network language model. The end goal of this project is to introduce Common Sense into models to make them think and make decisions more human-like. Michael has instantiated the various aspects of COMET and how the approach should work possibly in the future. Though COMET is still at a very nascent stage, the idea of having common sense inferences eliminates the need for close human supervision to a lot of extents. 


Our opinion: This blog is an assemblage of all the conversations happening around the world on COMET and its implications. As COMET relies on surface patterns in its training data rather than understanding concepts, the success of this project is still in a gray area right now. To perfect a technology like COMET, it might still take us another 5 years. 


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