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The Product Spotlight

The Voice of AI



The focus on voice technology is going to increase multifold in the new decade. We have heard of various inventions that are setting the bar in this space. One invention that has really caught our eye in the last few weeks is an AI-based platform that uses voice to detect & monitor health status & analyzes big data to uncover insight. A user can type close to 40 words but can speak up to 150 words. Voice technology combined with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality is all set to bring about a makeover to many industries.

Our spotlight feature shifts the focus to AI-powered application VocalisCheck and deep dives into its cutting-edge technology.

About Vocalis Health?
Vocalis Health is an AI health tech company, analyzing voices to find unique vocal biomarkers for specific diseases. This is a voice-enabled AI platform that creates proprietary vocal biomarkers for personalized healthcare screening, triage, and continuous remote monitoring of health.


What is VocalisCheck?
Recently there was a lot of noise around an AI-powered application that utilizes your voice to detect COVID-19. VocalisCheck is a software solution that assesses the voice of a person whose COVID-19 status is unknown, without additional information or prior knowledge about the individual user. It is not intended to serve as a diagnostic tool, but as a screening tool that can deliver a reliable risk score to guide those who may need additional diagnostic testing, thereby enabling health systems to allocate diagnostic resources more efficiently.



The thing that's going to make artificial intelligence so powerful is its ability to learn, and the way AI learns is to look at human culture - Dan Brown


How does this technology work?

A single voice sample is recorded using a mobile app or web-based tool, and a cloud-based AI analytics engine provides feedback within a minute or two.

The process:
✅ A user starts counting from 50 to 70
✅ The recording is then transformed into a picture and compared to COVID+ recordings in their database
✅ The user receives their result in under a 1 minute



The Study

According to its latest study to test the effectiveness of the tool, it covered over 2,000 participants who spoke in multiple languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. The company said that results from an unblinded validation set of 288 participants demonstrated an AUC of 0.88, which translated to an accuracy of 81.2 percent, sensitivity of 80.3 percent, and specificity of 81.4 percent.



Our Take
Implementation of a vocal biomarker augments current testing plans with additional data and a tool to help guide the more efficient allocation of testing resources. The tool can act as an able substitute to take the load off an already overworked healthcare system & can better screen and identify people who need additional diagnostic testing. In a battle that has continued for over 15 months, we need all the assistance we can possibly get & artificial intelligence is providing just that!


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