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Netmeds & the Future of Medicine 

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According to a 2019 EY report, the Indian e-pharma sector was poised to touch $2.7 billion by 2023 from $360 million. The report cited an increase in internet penetration and smartphone ownership, along with the ease of ordering medications through an e-commerce platform and an increase in chronic diseases as some of the key growth drivers


Post the pandemic, the e-pharma sector is playing a crucial role in modernizing the healthcare delivery framework in the country and has taken on the challenge of bringing technology to each step of the supply chain. Consumers are moving online resulting in widespread adoption


It is expected to touch 57 million households, driven by positive reception from both consumers and providers, along with supportive government regulations and investments, according to Redseer. 


With the evolution of the online pharmacy, we invited the Chief Customer Experience officer at one of India's leading online pharmacies, Netmeds.com. Bruce Schwack joins us for a really intriguing discussion around e-pharma, conversational AI, voice commerce, digital transformation, and more.


Discussion highlights

  • The online-offline pharmacy collaboration
  • The disruption in the pharmaceutical supply chain due to Covid-19
  • Exceptional customer service via digital transformation 
  • Voice technology and its impact in this segment


Bruce Schwack

Bruce Schwack

Director of Communications & Chief Customer Experience Officer


Priyanka Ahuja

Host: Priyanka Ahuja

VP, Customer Success

Jio Haptik