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Rethinking your Customer-Centric Strategy 

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What creates a profoundly remarkable experience? It is an experience so innovative and compelling, customers cannot wait to remark about it to others. The pinnacle of customer loyalty is advocacy—that is not just a recommendation, it is an anecdote that paints an intriguing picture which prospects are eager to try. “Would you recommend” pales in comparison to, “You ain’t gonna believe what happened to me!”


These are the words of our guest speaker and a world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, Dr. Chip Bell. In his view, technology is a tool, not a strategy. While technology is vital to making customers’ experiences more efficient, effortless, and comfortable, the core of customer loyalty is a relationship, not a tool.


When we look at rethinking the customer experience, businesses need to map the different ways consumers wish to connect with their brand and develop the appropriate capabilities while aligning their resources accordingly.


In this conversation with Chip Bell, we understand how he has been able to perform inception on the minds of customers. The winner of the 2021 Axiom Business Book Award talks to us about customer experience, digital transformation, human/artificial intelligence & a lot more.



Discussion highlights

  • The impact of digital transformation on businesses
  • The impact of outcome and experience
  • The influence of Artificial Intelligence
  • Inside your customer's imagination


Chip Bell

Chip Bell

Senior Partner at the Chip Bell Group | Keynote Speaker | Best-selling Author

Teja Edara

Host: Teja Edara

Senior Manager (US/EU), Customer Success

Jio Haptik