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Enabling Better Customer Service





According to IDC, by 2021, 65 percent of organizations will transition to digital-first through contactless experiences and automated operations, as physical interactions diminish.


2021 is coming to an end and this kind of transition has been taking place at a mammoth scale across the world. With technology leaders realigning and rethinking their customer engagement strategies, we host contact center expert, Aarde Cosseboom to focus on an ever-changing digital world.


Taking on from this quote, "Those that reimagine their digital business transformation path and step up to deliver authentic, empathetic experiences at scale, will thrive in the new normal", this discussion with Aarde reimagines the way business will approach the future.



In this interaction, we talk about:

  • Increased adoption of conversational AI, speech analytics, AI agent assist
  • The mushrooming of digital-first companies, digital channels & digital conversations
  • Consumer expectations when interacting with Artificial Intelligence
  • Internal readiness for businesses when it comes to technology


P.S - To know more about Aarde's work, check out his book, 'Enabling Better Service' - https://www.amazon.com/Enable-Better-Service-Creativity-Innovation-ebook/dp/B07QFKTNMZ

Aarde Cosseboom

Aarde Cosseboom

Contact Center & Customer Experience Advisor | Public Speaker

For the last 2 decades, Aarde's professional experience has been in the Contact Center World, helping businesses support their consumers through cloud-based technologies. He enjoys working with large global customer service teams to increase, customer experience, customer loyalty, operations, customer service.

Aarde is the author of 'Enable Better Service: A Customer Service Contact Center Story of Breaking Away from the Norm Through Creativity, Technology, and Innovation'.

Shrey Jain

Shrey Jain

Senior Product Manager, ML, Jio Haptik

Shrey Jain manages Machine Learning (ML) and Voice-based products at Jio Haptik. His core responsibility is to ensure that ML and Voice are leveraged successfully to solve the core customer and business challenges. Shrey has been working on diverse B2C and B2B Products for 5+ years