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Digital Transformation in Enterprises

In our generation, the way we see gender has changed. Angela Novosel opens up on Artificial Intelligence in Enterprises and how curiosity drives a person to pursue this field while talking about gender-equality in this candid and free-flowing conversation

This engaging discussion between two women leaders focuses on a rainbow of topics. Some interesting aspects of the discussion include:

  • Enterprises adopting AI and misconceptions regarding the field
  • Gender in AI - Is there a relation?
  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence
  • A set of interesting rapid-fire questions from AI to COVID

Book recommendations by Angela:

  • On Intelligence - Jeff Hawkins Sandra Blakeslee

  • The Future of Work - Darrell M. West

  • Human Compatible - Stuart Russel

  • Superintelligence - Nick Bostrom

  • How to Create a Mind - Ray Kurzeil

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Angela Novosel

Senior Global Product Manager, TD Ameritrade

Angela is a product leader focused today on bilingual conversational AI for the US and Asia. With 13 years’ experience in FinTech, she has worked at the cross-section of user experience, technology, and business growing products across web and mobile. Her goal is to create new experiences that help users learn and grow their investing skills to achieve financial savvy. Angela went to Penn State and has degrees in Economics, Art History, and an E.M.B.A.

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Host: Buka Gurgenidze-Steinau

Vice President of Cognitive Solutions, Haptik

Buka is responsible for enabling companies to successfully create and deliver conversational AI solutions across their organizational ecosystems. Prior to joining Haptik, Buka was part of BlackRock’s Artificial Intelligence and Automation team where she implemented automation tools to help scale operations and support teams across the firm’s global footprint. Buka holds an MS from Columbia University and is the editorial board member of the Journal of AI, Robotics, and Workplace Automation at Henry Stewart Publications