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Altering the Marketing/CX landscape through Technology



Dennis has supported global brands like McDonald's, FedEx, AT&T, Starbucks, Wells Fargo in their customer experience journey.


He is also Co-Founder of a unique initiative called the 'Customer Experience Factory'



Technology is a key enabler for customer experience. Today organizations rely on technology to understand customers better, provide quicker resolutions, empower better & personalized interactions, and proactively engage for both, sales and support.


Hence when it came down to the changing landscape of CX, we spoke to Dennis Wakabayashi who is helping businesses improve the CX marketing of their organization by introducing the best solutions available along with the latest technology innovations.


Dennis is known for delivering enterprise-level Customer Experience solutions for brands around the world with a focus on the integration of traditional and digital marketing practices to create Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Watch this interaction to deep dive into the changing world of CX.



This discussion focuses on:


  • Optimizing the digital roadmap
  • Artificial Intelligence & subsequent impact 
  • Customer experience & the penetration of voice technology
  • Key areas of CX to reduce marketing operational costs
Dennis Wakabayashi

Dennis Wakabayashi

VP of CX Implementation, RR Donnelley | Top 50 (CX) experts of the decade🎤

Dennis Wakabayashi is the VP of the world’s 7th largest marketing solutions company where he is responsible for the strategy and execution of integrated marketing also known as customer experience (CX) for Fortune 500 companies.

In May 2020 he was named a top CX expert of the decade and ranks among the top 150 cx influencers globally.


He regularly hosts/MCs marketing industry events, appears on international podcasts and is a renowned public speaker, author, and educator. He has more than 50,000 social media followers and is dedicated to empathy, collaboration, and growth for customers and brands. 


To reach out to Dennis Wakabayashi,

• Visit: www.denniswakabayashi.com

Alex Fields

Alex Fields

Director, Market Development Jio Haptik

Alex Fields is Director of Market Development for North America at Haptik. He is focused on expanding the North American business through partnerships with both channel partners and tech partners. Alex most recently worked in strategy at the world's largest blockchain company. Prior to that, he worked as a strategy consultant