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Digitization -The Cornerstone of Financial Innovation 

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The global AI in fintech market size is projected to increase to $46,881.9 million by 2030 from $7,702.7 million in 2020.


We are likely to see a rise in investments by BFSI companies in AI and machine learning, preferences for personalized financial services, and an increase in collaboration activities between financial institutes and AI & machine learning solution companies that will drive the growth of the global AI and advance ML in the BFSI market.


We are excited to hear the thoughts of author, writer, artist, academic, B2B tech influencer, inventor, and serial entrepreneur, Dinis Guarda.


In this conversation with Dinis, we focus on the increased adoption of AI in the BFSI sector, the rise in digital transformation & automation, & a lot more (including the secret behind him being ranked among the top experts in the blockchain and AI domain).



Discussion highlights

  • AI in the BFSI services sector
  • Investing in people to ensure execution of technology-first processes
  • Increasing levels of automation
  • Digital priorities for businesses in the financial services industry


Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda

Author | Founder | Creator | Youtuber openbusinesscouncil.org fashionabc.org

Vikram Kamath

Host: Vikram Kamath

Director of Product

Jio Haptik