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What comes first? AI or Customers 

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When we talk about the answer to this question, the majority would point to customers being the obvious answer followed by technology. A fair answer but our next guest brings a fresh perspective to this conversation.


He talks about creating value for customers and then making the business more efficient. If we think of Artificial Intelligence as a tide, its job is to raise all the boats the moment it enters the bay.


With this innovative thought process, we bring to you an extremely innovative leader and a man who sees the world through stories. Mike Wittenstein, Founder at storyminers.com sits down with host, Aaron Shagrin to focus on customer delight, AI, and digital transformation.


Discussion highlights

  • How stories paint a feasible picture of the future?
  • Is AI improving customer experience?
  • The leadership transformation towards customer experience
  • Customer success assisted by technology


Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein

Founder | Managing Partner | Business Strategist | Executive Coach

Aaron Shagrin

Host: Aaron Shagrin

General Manager, North America

Jio Haptik