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Reimagining Customer Experience with Technology



Did you know that our guest Dan Gingiss is the author of The Experience Maker (September 2021) and Winning at Social Customer Care!


He also hosts the Experience This! Show podcast and The Experience Maker Show.



During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn. Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap. With customers rapidly interacting with digital channels, businesses are adopting technology at a faster pace than expected.


Hence when it came down to reimagining CX, we approached Dan Gingiss who has over 20-years of experience in delighting customers. From technology to marketing and AI, this conversation between Dan and Alex really dwells on the shift in customer experience.

As Dan Gingiss says, "When you create a remarkable experience for your customers, they become your best marketers". 



This discussion focuses on:


  • Customer experience trends that are meant to stand the test of time
  • Brands that are the epitome of amazing customer experience
  • His upcoming book - The Experience Maker
  • Artificial Intelligence & its ability to personalize and customize interactions


Dan Gingiss

Dan Gingiss

Keynote Speaker🎤| Customer Experience Coach🙋🏻‍♂️| Author📖| Podcaster🎧

Dan Gingiss is an international keynote speaker and customer experience coach who believes that a remarkable customer experience is your best marketing strategy. His 20-year professional career spanned multiple disciplines including customer experience, marketing, social media, and customer service. He held leadership positions at McDonald’s, Discover, and Humana.


He earned a B.A. in psychology and communications from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. in marketing from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


To reach out to Dan Gingiss,

• Visit: www.improvemycx.com

Find out more about his upcoming book, 'The Experience Maker'

Alex Fields

Alex Fields

Director, Market Development Jio Haptik

Alex Fields is Director of Market Development for North America at Haptik. He is focused on expanding the North American business through partnerships with both channel partners and tech partners. Alex most recently worked in strategy at the world's largest blockchain company. Prior to that, he worked as a strategy consultant