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Spotting the Trend


Sundeep Teki, a consultant to deep tech startups on AI/ML & an emerging leader in neuroscience joins us for a conversation that deciphers his views on voice technology, neuroscience, startups and Artificial Intelligence

A leader, consultant, founder in the field of artificial intelligence & neuroscience having published 40+ papers, Sundeep Teki provides an intriguing perspective around the field of AI and voice technology in this conversation. 


This discussion focuses on:


  • Current trends in NLU research
  • Limitations of voice tech & defining the right use cases
  • Startups building a culture of innovation and research
  • Identifying and evaluating AI research trends
Sundeep Teki

Sundeep Teki

Leader - AI | Startups | Neuroscience | Ex: Amazon Alexa AI, Oxford, UCL

Sundeep Teki, a leader in AI and Neuroscience with professional experience in 4 countries (USA, UK, France, India) across Big Tech (Conversational AI at Amazon Alexa AI), unicorn Startup (Applied AI at Swiggy), and R&D (Neuroscience at Oxford University and University College London).
He has published 40+ papers on Neuroscience and AI (1800+ citations), built and deployed AI for consumer AI products, secured £500k+ in competitive research funding, and is recognized by the Royal Society, UK as an ‘Emerging Leader in Neuroscience’