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Humanizing Conversations with AI

Tech products that incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly ubiquitous. As human beings, we’re frequently having more conversations with them. AI is playing a significant role in digital conversations, and the real architects behind this are conversation designers.


In this podcast, we hear about Conversations augmented by AI, what can we improve in conversations with tech products, the evolution and challenges faced by designers, and how AI demonstrating genuine empathy is the holy grail.


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About Asis Panda

Lead, UX Design, Haptik

Asis Panda leads product and conversation design at Haptik. Asis comes from an eclectic background of tech, business, and design, having worked in the silicon valley with companies like Verizon Labs and Healthline Media. He holds a Master's degree in HCI from Indian University Bloomington and when not working he’s often found building interesting side projects and teaching design at PMSchool.