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Digital Help: Customer Support gets more than a Human Touch

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According to research from IDC, two-thirds of the CEO’s of Global 2,000 companies will shift their focus from traditional, offline strategies to more modern digital strategies to improve the customer experience before the end of the year - with 34% of companies believing they’ll fully adopt digital transformation within 12 months or less.


The net global spending on digital transformation in 2018 was approximately $1 trillion & this number is expected to increase to more than $2 trillion by 2022.


Why are we focusing on the digitization of user experience? Our next guest is a keynote speaker, advisor, author & dons many hats as an expert in the field of customer experience.  


Adrian Swinscoe, the man behind a punk rock version of CX, opens up on his customer experience journey and gives his take on the conversation around digitization.


Discussion highlights

  • Automation is the next phase of intelligent customer service
  • Artificial Intelligence and the new-age customer
  • Empathy in customer experience
  • Global organizations that are setting the benchmark when it comes to their customers


Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe

Customer experience advisor, Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader and Aspirant Punk at Punk CX

Priyanka Ahuja

Host: Priyanka Ahuja

VP, Customer Success

Jio Haptik