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Conversations over AI-based Synthetic Media


There are multiple possibilities in language that synthetic media can enable. But what is synthetic media or what does the term “uncanny valley” mean?


Synthetic media brings the ability for AI-driven systems to generate audiovisual content. It's among the most exciting developments enabled by recent progress in deep learning.


In this podcast, we hear about synthetic media and how it is taking off, the challenges of humans interfacing with it, how does one deal with the issue of uncanny valley, and a lot more including thoughts around multilingual implementation


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About Ashray Malhotra

Founder & CEO, Rephrase.ai

Ashray Malhotra has been building generative AI tools to ease video creation at Rephrase.ai. An alumnus of IIT Bombay, his organization is building a tool that can take any piece of text and create a video of any person speaking that text.
His vision for Rephrase.ai is to automate all edtech, marketing content, and eventually, build a system that takes a Hollywood script as input and automatically renders an entire film as output.