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A Conversation with an AI Author

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Educational Authors, Professors, Researchers - They all have many things in common which include working for the greater good of society. Our next guest is a gentleman who has aced all the above roles in a career that spans over 28 years. 


Michael McTear, an esteemed Emeritus Professor at Ulster University and the author of several famous books spanning voice technology and conversational AI joins us for a conversation that decodes his views on voice technology and conversational AI.


With more than 5500 citations over these years, Mr. McTear talks about his latest book, the future of Artificial Intelligence, and a lot more with host Fatema Patrawala, Conversational Designer, Jio Haptik


Detailed Agenda

  • Conversational AI and its use in current applications
  • The shift from rule-based to statistical data-driven systems with Machine Learning
  • The impact of the spoken voice technology
  • Future trends for AI in 2021


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Michael McTear

Emeritus Professor,

Ulster University

Asset 25-8

Host: Fatema Patrawala

Conversational Designer,

Jio Haptik