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Building Trust over IVAs & Other Conversation Design Challenges


Building conversational experiences that bring the personality of a chatbot/virtual assistant to life. This is the true nature of the work of conversational designers as explained in this conversation with Adi Sharma & Sarah Karam from the Royal Bank of Canada.


In this podcast, we understand how integral it is to design conversational flows for excellent user experience, the challenge of scalability, building virtual agents for multiple channels, training the chatbot to recognize a wide array of intents, building customer trust and there is a lot more.


Listen In!

Adi Sharma

About Adi Sharma

Director, Virtual Assistant Design & Development, RBC

Adi leads a team that designs and develops an IT support virtual agent at The Royal Bank of Canada. His experience is multi-disciplinary – analytics, app dev, and human-centered design; his experiences are diverse including a mix of enterprise, consulting, and startup

Sarah Karam

About Sarah Karam

Conversational Designer and NLU Trainer, RBC

Sarah is a Conversational Designer and NLU trainer based in Toronto, Canada for the Virtual Assistant Design and Development team led by Adi Sharma. The team is designing and implementing an AI-driven Virtual assistant that will help employees resolve technical questions and issues. Working for RBC, she has experience with designing and implementing conversational experiences end to end