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Building Futuristic AI Products

The path to knowing how to build the next generation of products goes through understanding the methodology used by the world's largest brands to capture the consumer imagination through their offering. So who better to unveil the way than Sriram Krishnan, the man behind products for Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat 

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Sriram Krishnan

Product Leader, Investor, Advisor

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Host: Aakrit Vaish

Co-Founder & CEO, Haptik

From working on mobile ads and products for Facebook, Snapchat to running consumer products on Twitter, Sriram Krishnan opens up on his experience with technology products and why mental models are critical for people to start trusting Artificial Intelligence.

This engaging discussion also captures:

  • The Facebook journey behind Mobile advertising, monetization and personalized ads
  • Building sophisticated Machine Learning models for mobile
  • AI-based recommendations
  • Product Innovation