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Spotting the Trend: AI Research & Innovation that Matters

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What goes into leveraging AI research and how startups can build the right culture for the same? It is an intriguing question that put us in a spot. We were looking around for answers when we got in touch with Sundeep Teki. Our guest is a leader in AI & Neuroscience with professional experience in 4 countries (USA, UK, France, India) across Big Tech (Amazon Alexa AI), unicorn Startup (Swiggy), and R&D (Neuroscience at Oxford University & University College London).


Sundeep Teki's experience & expertise not only provided answers to the above question but led us to learn so much about research problems, voice, NLU, NLG & more.


A recipient of multiple world awards along with being published in the TIME magazine & World Economic Forum, our speaker's glittering career speaks for itself. Host, Krupal Modi who is a 40 under 40 data scientist & expert in Machine Learning, quizzes Sundeep about his journey and the  broader research spectrum



Discussion highlights

  • Current trends in NLU research
  • Limitations of voice tech & defining the right use cases
  • Startups building a culture of innovation and research
  • Identifying and evaluating AI research trends


Sundeep Teki

Sundeep Teki


AI | Neuroscience

Krupal Modi

Host: Krupal Modi

Director, Machine Learning

Jio Haptik