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GPT-3 for Marketers

with Paras Chopra


GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer and is the third iteration from OpenAI. It is a version of natural language processing (NLP). NLP such as GPT-3 and others is a way to build computers that read, decipher, and understand human language

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Paras Chopra

Founder & Chairman, Wingify


Host: Rahul Zutshi

Marketing Director, Haptik

If you embrace GPT-3, it can help you become a better marketer. This is what Paras advises marketing professionals through this interactive discussion which features demos of creating tweets, blog post ideas, and how market-leading A/B testing platform, VWO has implemented GPT-3.


This discussion takes you through such use cases and also opens up on various topics related to Open AI's latest language model.


The discussion covers:

  • How GPT-3 is not a competition to humans but provides a different perspective and a fresh set of ideas
  • Real-time demo application of GPT-3 for marketers
  • Implementing GPT-3 in your business functions
  • Challenges behind embedding this model in your product