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OLA Exclusive [Fireside Chat]

5 Technology Innovations That Will Impact B2C Businesses in 2021







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Is 2020 over yet?


Undoubtedly, this year has been the most tempestuous and exhausting ‘decade’ for everyone. Nobody foresaw the drastically world-changing events that took place this year. The unforeseen events of 2020 have acted as a significant catalyst to accelerate technology adoption among the masses and some of the customer behavior trends are likely to stick around.


On the bright side, 2021 brings in fresh opportunities and a changing customer landscape for B2C businesses, as they gear up to build and invest in newer technologies that align with a post-pandemic world. 


To help you prepare for 2021, we’re excited to bring technology innovation predictions from the brain and heart behind Ridlr, an Integrated Transport Solution for Indian cities with the aim of making the commuter journey better and now CTO of OLA, one of the largest ride-sharing apps in the world. 


He brings over 15 years of experience working in the US & India across various technology and business leadership roles. Watch Brijraj Vaghani, CTO at OLA talk about:


  • Emerging trends and innovations in technology for B2C businesses  
  • Building a competitive advantage using newer technologies in the post-covid-world
  • Catering to customer expectations and changing buying patterns
Swapan (1)

Swapan Rajdev

Co-founder & CTO, Haptik

Briraj Vaghani

Chief Technology Officer, Ola